Interactive Maps

Movie Theaters and Foreign Born Population, By County, 1910. Click Map to Go Interactive!

Note (November 20, 2018): The interactive maps are currently being updated in light of Google’s decision to disallow use of its maps without a Google API key. At present, the Google background maps display with a “for development purposes only” watermark. The ERMA site, however, is still fully functional if you select “Open Street Maps” in the “Background” folder. This will give you access to an unimpeded background map. I expect to have this issue resolved in the next few weeks. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and please continue to use the site.

Mapping Movies deploys GIS mapping as an iterative process of research and learning rather than as an engine for producing finished maps. Because GIS is “good to think with” (Klenotic, 2011, p. 60), its mappings represent an active form of spatial reasoning about historical questions and processes. To encourage active exploration of cinema’s spatial history, Mapping Movies offers an interactive Web GIS experience. It uses the Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA) developed by the University of New Hampshire. You are welcome to visit, explore and share the ERMA Mapping Movies site. At present, the interactive site works best on a desktop, laptop or tablet computer. Navigation can be more difficult when using a phablet or smartphone. If you’d like to add your project or data to the map, or participate in the project as a researcher, please let us know.